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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Build Session #5 - October 13th

Ryan, H and I put another 3-plus hours into assembly of the MakerBot Thursday evening . Installing the Electronics. Ryan brought excellent beer.
Drilling mounting holes for a small circuit board.

Circuit board installed on the Z-axis stage.

Trying to upload the firmware before mounting the motherboard in the robot. But there were problems.

The motherboard was connected and had lights flashing, but Replicator G said that there was no connection.  

We decided to install the motherboard anyway. We will sort out the firmware issue later. 

Motor controllers

The kit seemed to have a few too few 1/4" spacers, so we made some from small round scraps of laser-cut acrylic.

A bit of head scratching. The wiring shown in the online instructions was unclear.

Hand gesture indicating frustration.

Wrapping it up for the evening.


  1. Can you use a Maker Bot to create components for another Maker Bot?

  2. Yes you can but it is extremely dangerous. Once they start making parts for themselves they may attempt to take over the planet. We must stay one step ahead of them at all times.

  3. Would Maker Bots continue to make Maker Bots as they are now, or would they start to pursue some botish ideal, creating ever more perfect Maker Bots?